Broome & Darwin 2001: Postcard 1 Alice Springs - Broome


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The flight to Alice Springs was uneventful, and I got into town around 12:00 noon. The weather was a step up from Melbourne at around 20 degrees. I took a town tour in the afternoon and saw the Royal Flying Doctor Service, School of the Air, Old Telegraph Station and a couple of other sights. I found most restaurants closed in Alice Springs around 9PM, but managed to get pasta at a pizza place near the hotel. Even they were about to stop menu food and have pizza only till close at 1AM.

Next day wandered about Alice for the morning and then back to the airport for the flight to Broome. Broome weather was another step up at about 30 degrees, although fairly dry.

Walked into town to join a two day tour to The Kimberly. The tour vehicle was a 4WD bus, built on a 4WD truck body. It was well equipped with good seats and killer Air Con. After a brief stop at the prison boab tree, we headed into Windjana Gorge. After a short walk in, the gorge was revealed in all its glory. We spotted crocodiles sunning by the water and got as close as we dared for photos. Next stop was Tunnel Creek, which flows under the hill. Our group walked through the tunnel in the darkness and out the other side. The stop for the night was Fitzroy Crossing. I stayed in a safari tent, which was camping how it should be with a fridge and an en-suite! Our group had dinner and drinks at the pub and talked into the night.

It was an early start and I got up soon after 6:00. The temperature was only 16 degrees but soon rose as the sun shone. The bus took us the short drive to Geikie Gorge. There we joined a tour led by a pair of Aboriginal guides - Renee and AJ. We walked in, crossed the river and climbed the gorge. Then cruised back up the river spotting crocodiles. They gave us some history of the area, and traditional names and significance of the various features.

The bus headed back to Broome and got into town as the sun was setting. As we had made good time, the bus drove out onto cable beach, and we watched the sunset and camels, before being dropped back at our various accomodations.

Picked up a rental car for the last few days in Broome in the morning and drove around town. Had lunch at the beach cafe, and took some photos at the beach. Booked in for a camel ride in the evening, and rode a camel along the beach at sunset.

Spent time over the next couple of days touring around town, taking photos, and seeing the sights - see photos below... chooks being fed to crocodiles, open air cinema, and so on.


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1. Alice Springs Mall
2. Landing at Broome
3. Main Street Broome at Dusk
4. Windjana Gorge
5. Crocodile at Windjana Gorge
6. Windjana Gorge
7. Walking through Tunnel Creek
8. The 4WD Bus at Tunnel Creek
9. Sunset through the bus window
10. Walking along Geikie Gorge
11. Geikie Gorge
12. Geikie Gorge
13. Green Tree Frog at Geikie Gorge
14. Bus on Cable Beach at sunset
15. Camels Cable Beach at sunset
16. Camel Ride at Cable Beach
17. Beach at Port of Broome
18. Gantheaume Point, Broome
19. Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Farm, Broome
20. Town Beach Broome soon after sunrise

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