France and Italy 2001

From 1/2/01 - 24/2/01 I travelled to France, Italy, and Singapore. The trip was to attend our company conference in Cannes, and I also visited our head office in Italy for training. Along the way I managed to fit in a weekend in Paris, a weekend in Rome, and a few days in Singapore on the way back.

Emails from the trip

Unlike my last trip to Italy, I didn't update this web site as I went along. I didnt have much free time to sit at the laptop and produce it, and it was also a case of 'been there, done that'. Instead I sent 3 email postcards including pictures along the way. The pictures are all below, and you can read the emails by clicking on the links below.

Email 1: 6/2/01 Cannes - Trip over, and first day in Cannes.

Email 2: 12/2/01 Bologna - Cannes, Paris, trip to Italy.

Email 3: 20/2/01 Flying to Singapore - Bologna, Rome, flight to Singapore.


1. Cannes
2. Carlton Intercontinental Hotel, Cannes
3. A laneway in Mougins, near Cannes
4. Formal dinner in Monte Carlo
5. Paris
6. Paris
7. Paris
8. Flying Paris to Italy
9. Restaurant in Bologna, Italy
10. The view from my Rome Hotel window!
11. Inside St Peters, Rome
12. The Colosseum, Rome

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