Italy June 1999

From 28/5/99 - 20/6/99 I was in Italy for work. I updated this web site by remote control when I got the chance, to keep friends and family updated on the trip - sort of an on line interactive e-postcard! You can read about what I got up to, and better still see the pictures!

Every few days I added an electronic 'postcard' to the web page with photos and descriptions of the days events.

e-Postcards from Italy

Postcard 1: Flying to Venice - Posted 29/5/99

Postcard 2: A Day in Venice - Posted 30/5/99

Postcard 3: A Day at the beach - Posted 1/6/99

Postcard 4: Evening in Venice - Posted 4/6/99

Postcard 5: A day in Florence - Posted 7/6/99

Postcard 6: The week at work & how the web site is produced - Posted 11/6/99

Postcard 7: A Day in Treviso - Posted 13/6/99

Postcard 8: Another Night in Venice - Posted 17/6/99, Updated 27/6/99